1:00 pm, Sunday, April 7, 2013 Radisson Hotel
Camp Hill, PA

The PSRDF met at 1 p.m. at the Radisson hotel in the Camp Hill.   5 Federations/Associations were represented: Allegany Valley, Delaware Valley, Laurel Mountain, Susquehanna Valley, and Western Pa.   There were a total of 21 folks in attendance.

Call to Order: Barrett and Donna Earnest, Presidents, called the semi-annual meeting to order at 1:00.  Larry Gorski opened with the special square dancing invocation and Bill Flick led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Secretary’s Report: Barbara MacDonald previously sent Copies of the October 2, 2012 meeting to all attendees of the meeting.  There were no additions or corrections from the membership and the minutes were accepted as sent. Motion made by Larry Gorski and Seconded by Bill Buehler.  Minutes were approved.
Treasurer's Report:          Chi Chi Hoffner  April 2013
Enclosed is my report dated February 28, 2013.  The March bank statements have not arrived yet.  
 I will meet with new treasurer in the next few weeks to review and turn over all financial materials.
On March 2, 2013, I met with Clyde Miles to audit the financial books.  He found the books to be in good order and signed off on the audit.







Treasurers Report for 9/1/12 to 2/28/13







Opening Balance















Balance as of 2/28/13


























2012 Convention





Cashed in CD #2






























Professional Dues





New Dancer Program





New Caller Program





























Certificates of Deposit:






12/31/12 Balance




CD #1





CD #2





CD #3


































There was a question on the treasurer’s report regarding what the operating expenses might be.  Chi Chi was contacted and his answer follows:



check no.







Patricia Adams

Computer Software





Joe Nardi

Conference Call





Barb MacDonald






Thomas Kern

Farm Show-Tables

















Larry Gorski






Donna Earnest






Tony Rock






Donna Earnest






William Buehler






William Buehler






Emgraving Imprints






Bank Service Charge



Operating Expenses







 President's Report: Barrett and Donna Earnest
This is the last meeting, Barrett and I will be chairing.  It seems so long ago when we started out as second vice-president and here we are finishing as Presidents of PSRDF.  We will be having elections at the end of the meeting.
During our term, we struggled with the Webmaster position.  So, we are delighted to have Ken Adams agree to take the position.  And, we wish the best for his success.
We initiated “The Keystone Award”.  With the help of our board of officers and nominations, we presented awards to a caller/cuer couple; a caller and a couple that are dancers during the first year.  We will make additional awards in 2013.
The license plate program has been updated by appointing a new chairman and we are hoping to see new interest soon in having a Pennsylvania Square Dance license plate on more vehicles.
We enjoyed attending dances in each federation/association, except one.  Due to health issues we were not able to complete our goal.  We relished traveling to the different areas of Pennsylvania and dancing with dancers who love the activity too.  And we thank everyone for his or her gracious hospitality.
Most of all, we thank Bill Flick as our lst VP for his vast knowledge and sharing his thoughts and opinions-well most of the time anyhow.  Thank you Bill.
We thank Larry and Margi Gorski as 2nd VP for their input and common sense in some difficult time.
Barb MacDonald, we thank you for your organizational skills, promptness, energy, being fair –minded and objective.  It was our pleasure to have you as Secretary.
Chi Chi Hoffner, thank you for keeping the state books in good order for the last two years.  You have done an excellent job.
And thanks to all the others who displayed a willingness to work towards Pennsylvania square dancing. Thank you.
Barrett and Donna Earnest, Presidents PSRDF
Donna indicated she was pleased that our new Webmaster Ken Adams could attend the meeting today to help link names and faces.
PSRDF Webmasters Report –Ken Adams
First I want to thank John Simchick for all his help and work with the federation’s web page. While I was getting up to speed on the web page and the tools to update the web page, he restructured the pages so that each of the states pages had a common header, menu and footer. He also made changes so hand held devices such as an I phone could view the pages. I especially want to thank him for the help and insight into the management of the PSRDF web site.
Once I took over control I have done the following

  1. Updated the PA License Plate Application.
  2. Made address changes for individuals
  3. Updated the convention page and added the flyer for the tours that are planned
  4. Updated club listings and meeting locations
  5. Other minor corrections as requested.

Membership List Report
Final changes have been made to the 2013 membership list. A couple of federations were slow in returning updated lists. The list has been published and emailed to Donna.
Kenton Adams
PSRDF Web master
Ken was asked about adding a link to the Constitution.  He said he would continue to update the website and suggestions should be sent to him.

Association/Federation Reports
Allegany Valley S &RD Federation
Report April. 7, 2013

Castle Paws and Taws will resume dancing at Cascade Park, New Castle in May. They will hold their annual Red White and Blue Dance with Len Dougherty calling on Wednesday June 26, 2013.

Circle Eights are dancing 1 or 2 sets at their dances.

Fiddle A-Rounds continue to meet two times a year with a picnic in the summer and Christmas Dinner Dance at Foxburg in December.

Shenango Valley Sashayers average five squares and seem to be going strong.

Presque Isle Dancers disbanded at the end of the 2012. That leaves the Erie Area with no organized club.

A special event to honor one of our AVSRDF members is scheduled for June 14 in Oil City. The Open House will celebrate the 100th birthday of Elmer Mohney who still travels to square dances with his son, caller Tom Mohney.

Lou Stiles

Central Pennsylvania Association- no report
Federation of Delaware Valley Square and Round Dancers
April 7, 2013 State Report:

First, I would like to express my appreciation to the Board for the sympathy card on the sudden loss of my mother in November.  Thank you.

DelVal will be resurrecting our Annual Meeting and Graduates Dance on May 5, 2013 in Lansdale.  The dancing will run from 1 until 6 p.m.; we will be holding the meeting from approx. 3-4 p.m. where we will be voting on the passage of a new Constitution and Bylaws merging the Districts back into the Federation and thereby creating just one set of officers rather than the current multiple Boards trying to get volunteers to fill all the duplicated positions.  This dance will be free to current DelVal Federation members and class members; non-member/visitors will be charged $5 per person.  The Board of Directors has been making visitations to each club of the Districts to request their turnout for this important meeting.  The biggest positive response to-date has been from the advanced clubs - showing extreme interest and offering their support.  These visitations will continue through May 1st to be certain we have reached each club at least once on their regular dance night with flyers and to answer any questions.

At the present time there are 19 clubs in the Delaware Valley representing approximately 520 dancers.  We will be losing two clubs; Saucon Squares, which has been around since before this Federation, lost their hall and the caller decided it was a good time to retire; they have joined Melody Lakes for an hour of early Advanced, and are looking forward to starting an Advanced class.  Quaker Eights' hall started charging $100 per hour usage and additional custodial fees, which the club cannot afford; they were barely breaking even at any rental charges.  They will be holding their final dance before summer at the Melody Lakes hall.

The Board met in a workshop yesterday to iron out some of the details which we feel need to be put in place for the smooth running of the new organization.  A lot of "rules" have been around since the 70's, 80's and 90's but have not been enforced due to changes in the officers who were not dancing back then.  These rules will be reviewed, revised and published in upcoming Delaware Valley Dancer issues and we discussed making a formal vote on them at next year's Annual Meeting and Graduates dance.

We discussed continuing the Mid-East Penn Summer Dances, holding the annual Membership Dance the first Sunday of November with the local callers and cuers donating their time in exchange for free Federation membership; and continuing the Pen-Del Spring Fling and Dance to See.

I have heard from quite a few club officers that they have been "thrown" into the position of being officers and have no idea what they are supposed to be doing.  Therefore, at the February Board meeting I asked Bill Flick if he would be willing to conduct several leadership seminars in the near future and we are working on dates for those events; hopefully this summer.

A flyer for the May 5th dance is attached at the end of these minutes.

Respectfully submitted,
Jane M. Styer, Certified Professional Legal Secretary
DelVal Federation President

Laurel Mountain Federation
Laurel Mountain Federation passed out the 2013 events calendars.  The Federation had a demo on March 16, 2013, at the Galleria Mall in Johnstown PA, to promote square and round dancing.  Also we were collecting food for the local food pantries. We had newspaper and WJAC TV station coverage. Our third annual Sophomore Dance will be sponsored by the Swing Squares, on May 5, 2013, at Altoona, PA.

Bedford Squares are dancing the second Saturday of each month, and on the fifth, for pie night.

 Wheelers-n-Dealers have canceled the Spring dance on April 21, 2013.  Their dance time has changed to 7:30-9:30pm on the first, third and fifth Tuesday.

Track II will start their dancing season on April 10, 2013, at 7:30-9:30pm.  They will have their anniversary dance on June 1, 2013.

Chim Rocks celebrated 42 years of dancing on March 17, 2013.

 Swinging Squares will celebrate their anniversary on May 9, 2013.

 Kilbucks will celebrate their anniversary on April 22, 2013.

 Do Si Dos will have their anniversary dance on May 1, 2013.  The last dance will be May17, 2013 and will start up again on September 6, 2013

 Like many other clubs we are struggling to get new dancers, but we keep trying.

 Please remember Leon Carey in your prayers he is in a Pittsburgh Hospital with bleeding in the brain and stomach.  Leon is the Laurel Mt. Fed. treasurer.

 Have a great day and May God Bless You.

Dwight and Donna Shank, Presidents


April 7, 2013

Susquehanna Valley Square & Round Dance Association continued thru the holidays with THREE New Year’s Eve dances offering Mainstream, Plus, DBD, Advanced and Round dancing.

                The Clubs of SVSRDA supported the Farm Show Exhibit helping provide volunteers to fill-in the time slots.  A number of clubs offered New Dancer classes beginning in February.  Some of the clubs had a one-day blast to introduce new dancers to square dancing.

                In order to maintain new class graduates dancing thru the summer, the SVS & RDA provides three summer dances.  A dance is offered in June, July, and August funded by the SVS & RDA Association.  Different Callers from SVSRDA conduct the dances with hope that the new dancers will remain active until fall and experience different caller styles.

                The 45th Annual Presidents’ Ball recognizing the Clubs Leadership will be held on Sunday, April 28, 2013 at the Valencia Ballroom at 142 North George St., York, PA.  Dancing will be from 2 – 5 p.m., and then a sit-down dinner and following the dinner there will be the SVSRDA business meeting.  At a point during the dance, the President or Representatives of each club is acknowledged.  There are also Recognition and Awards given to the clubs that participated in the Visitation Program.  Fifty-five visitations have been made to date with a total of 635 dancers as of March 25th.  The final numbers have not been complied at this time.  With the Visitation Program, three clubs have already started a second round of visitations.  This program creates a strong bond between clubs and helps them financially.

                Sunday, May 19, 2013 is the annual SVS & RDA Graduation Ball co-hosted by Gad ‘Abouts and Shippen Squares serving as host for this event in Chambersburg, PA from 2 p.m. – 4 p.m.  The new dancers are honored by this special event and season dancers come and support the event.  Again, South Central PA Callers and Cuers Association will provide all Callers and Cuers.
                You can dance


Tom & Dee Kern
SVS & RDA President

A request was made from the floor for a copy of their visitation policy.  That is being attached here.

1. Visitation Year – The period during which countable visits can be made is
from (and including) May 1st to March 31st. To be counted, all visitation cards must have reached the Association no later than two weeks before the Presidents’ Ball.
2. Clubs Eligible to be Visited – Every SVS & RDA member club that contributes $30.00 to the visitations pool (either at the President’s Ball or no later than May 20th) is eligible. Visits to clubs that did not contribute do not count. No contributions will be accepted after May 20th.
3. List of Participating Clubs – By June 1st, the Association will provide each
club’s representative with the list of clubs that contributed. No other clubs will
be eligible during that visitation year.
4. Eligible Visiting Clubs – Every SVS & RDA member club is eligible to
visit and to share proportionately in the visitation pool. (See definition of “Pool Sharing”)
5. Eligible Dances – It is assumed a club’s “regularly scheduled dances” are
eligible to be visited. Higher level square and round dance clubs may, at their
discretion, hold “open houses” to accommodate visitors. Also, it is entirely and unarguable the host club’s decision whether or not a “Special Dance” can be visited. This must have been resolved before the visiting club’s arrival.
6. Notifying the Host Club - As a courtesy, the club to be visited must be notified several days in advance that a visit is planned and how many dancers to expect.
7. Ineligible Dances – Any Caller’s Association or SVS & RDA sponsored
dances (such as the President’s Ball, Graduation Ball, Sunshine Dance, etc.) are automatically ineligible, regardless of their being hosted by a specific club.
8. Eligible Visitors – Dancers eligible to represent a club are its current and
former members. Also eligible are its current new dancers, if the visit is to a
new dancer dance. In every case, the dancer must wear the visiting club’s regular or new dancer badge, and must sign in as representing the visiting club. Four or more dancers representing one club and paying the full admission fee constitute a visit.
9. Free Passes – A visitor, to be counted, must pay the full admission fee.
Dancers using free passes are not counted.
10. Dual Memberships – If a dancer belongs to both the club doing the visiting and the club being visited, the dancer must pay the full admission fee to be counted as a visitor.
11. Countable Visits - Although clubs are encouraged to visit as often as they
like, no more than one visit to each club, in the program, will be recognized
in any one-year until all clubs have been visited. After each eligible club has
been visited once, a round of second visits may be started. Excess visits cannot
be carried over to another year.
12. Pool Sharing - Visits made will share equally in the pool. In April, the total visits made by all clubs before April 1st will be calculated, and the pool will be divided by the number of visits, to determine the “value” of each visit. Less than a full square will count as one-half square as for as calculating shared monies.
13. Plaque Winner – The club with the highest total number of dancers visiting other clubs will hold the plaque until the next President’s Ball. Ties will share recognition and the plaque. Only the first round of visits is counted.
14. Friendship Dangles – Dancers who participate in five or more visits for
one club during the visitation year will receive a Friendship Dangle, provided
by the Association.
Fair Squares
Flirts & Skirts
Palm Squares Panhandlers
Prettyboy Swingers
Shippen Squares
Swing Thrus
White Rose Squares


Western Pennsylvania Federation                                Barb MacDonald
April 7, 2013 Western Pennsylvania Square and Round Dance Federation
The current officers are:  President Barbara MacDonald
                                                Vice-President:  Tony and Diana Rock
                                                Secretary:  Sue Korinchak
                                                Treasurer:  Joe Korinchak
Next elections will be held soon.


Special dances: The Fall Festival was held on October 20th featuring Tom Rudebock calling and Bob Heath cueing.  In the afternoon, we had a DBD workshop taught by Tom Rudebock.  We had approximately 60 dancers attending.
                Currently we have the sophomore dance for new and experienced dancers scheduled for April 21 at Parkwood Presbyterian Church on Mount Royal Blvd from 2:00-5:00 p.m. called by Jim Yoest and Brad Deibert and rounds with Brad Deibert.  We hope for participation from all the clubs.  We do ask each club to provide free dance passes as well as finger food refreshments to benefit the entire federation.  We are sharing the federation treasury by making this a buy one, and then get one free entrance fee.  (Two dancers for the normal price of one.)

Promotions:          We danced at the American Diabetes Fair at the Convention Center in October to promote the relationship between square dancing and health.  Two of our members, Sharon Kopp and Barb MacDonald represented the WPSRDF at the Farm Show Booth on Monday January 7th.  These two as well as Brad Deibert also danced in the demos that night between the competition dances.  

Federation Changes:  We have lost two square dance clubs this past year (Alamo and Square One), but we have added an advanced club (Thunderbolts).  Our current enrollment is 354 members in 14 clubs.  (This is down from 423 members in 15 clubs during 2012)  We should add a few more members as our new dancers graduate.

Respectfully submitted:  Barbara MacDonald, President WPSRDF


Special Reports
Winter Meeting of USDA was held at Kansas City, MO on January 25 – 26, 2913 at the Drury Inn Airport.
Topics :


Affiliate Member Group Non-Profit Exemption Program for Section 501 {c} {3} of IRS:
The initial information gathering from Affiliates resulted in 17 responses. Seven Affiliates responded, “yes” as being interested. Twelve Affiliates responded “no”. Three of the no respondents are already section 501 {c} {3} status.  A follow-up e-mail message was sent to Affiliates that did not reply. The Executive Committee needs to discuss further the prospects of USDA becoming involved with the efforts associated with the management and administration of an IRS Non-Profit Group Exemption Program.

USDA Insurance Program:
The per dancer insurance rate for 2013 will be the same as the 2012 rate. {$4.45} This was made possible as loses were down over the past year.

Extra Curricular Activities:

  1. Updating all publications on Educational materials.
  2. Patty Wilcox’s “Faces of USDA” project that is updating Executive Committee Resumes and pictures for display at the Showcase of Ideas.
  3. The “Jobs of USDA” is to reflect how the USDA Executive Committee is in the Square Dance Movement, not just at the National level, but also at local, regional and State level.

USDA News Publication:
We now have a new Editor, Larry Dunkle. Larry has added a segment on recognizing specific dancers { usually older than 90 years of age}. This is a splendid way of giving these folks recognition for their dedication and contribution to Square Dancing. PA has had a number of these persons recognized in the past few issues.

Selecting Delegates for the annual USDA Board of Directors Meeting:
We are requesting that Delegates be selected to attend this meeting that is scheduled for Wednesday, June 19, 2013 at 1:00 PM.  The state is entitled to 4 couples or 4 individuals representing 4 votes. These Delegates will receive their Directors Badges in their packets provided by the USDA Secretary. These badges are to be returned after the meeting to be used again. Also, the Election of Officers will be held at this meeting.

Travelers Program:
This program is showing more interest recently. Currently there are 3 couples participating in the “Second Time Around”. There are 43 active individuals that are listed showing they visited 12, 24, and 48 states. Bars are given for the dancers at various numbers of states visited and when they complete visits to 48 states, the recipients are awarded free registration to the next national convention.

USDA for 2013:
The 2013 Budget is for $39,000 in Income. Of this total, $30.000 is planned from the USDA Insurance program. We need to promote this program and enroll new clubs. As of January 26, 2013, 30,331 dancers are insured. There are some 41,170 recorded square dancers nationally. This calculates that 73% of National Dancers are insured under our USDA Program. In PA, we have 957 dancers insured with the USDA Program, representing approximately 64% of our state dancers. We ask you to support our efforts in adding new clubs to insure their dancers with the USDA Program. By adding dancers to our insurance program will enhance our financial position to better serve the needs of our dancers.

National Square Dance Day:
A resolution is being prepared to have the Board of Directors vote on the declaring November 29, 2013 as the National Square Dance Day at the USDA Board of Directors Meeting June 19, 2013.

Election of Officers:
There will be the election of new USDA Officers at the June meeting.

Respectfully submitted.
Mike & Pat Matsko, Vice Presidents Eastern Region USDA

Bill Flick entertained a nomination for Mike and Pat Matsko to Presidents of USDA.  A copy of their resume was read.  A motion was made by Bill Flick and seconded by Tom Kern.  It was endorsed by all attending and Donna Earnest will write a letter showing our support of Mike and Pat for this position.
January 4 – 13, 2013


The preparatory activities for the PA Farm show were to complete the contract requirements and secure the required insurance.  Also, the handout materials promoting all sections of the state with a contact person, email or phone number was prepared.  Approximately 1000 brochures were distributed over the ten-day event.  This phase was very successful in encouraging Clubs to promote new classes in January and February.  A number of the classes were successful in obtaining new dancers thru the materials that was utilized.

The Farm Show Booth was set-up and maintained by volunteers from the Susquehanna Valley and Western PA Square and Round Dance Federation.  Two demo dances were conducted which proved very successful with spectator participation.  Thanks to Dan Prosser and Dave Krieter for their calling of demos.

The Square Dance Competition on Monday January 7 dance was successful in the number of competition dancers that participated.  There were over 500 Competition Dancers in 59 Squares including as many as 4 alternate couples for each square.

Over eighty (80) Square Dancers and Round Dancers participated in the Demonstrations.  There were 21 couples in the round dance demonstrations.

Dusty Miller and Jim Miller (no relation) were commentators on the TV broadcast.  This was the first year that the two of them worked together and the PCN Director was very pleased with their inserted square dance facts and conversation.  PCN also inserted short one-minute interviews with competition dancers during the broadcast.  According to PCN these human-interest comments are well received by the television audience.

Dan Prosser, Fred Strang and Tom Miller were the Callers with Linda Prosser Cuing the Round Dance Demonstrations.  Tom Mohney, Dave Kreiter and Jerry Goshorn (all Callers) were the Judges for the competition.

All in all the 2013 Farm Show square dance was a great success.  Dan Prosser noted that the free TV time equated to $1,000,000.00 of free square and round dance advertising.

A special thank-you to Bill and Ruth Buehler for working and the dismantling of the booth.


Tom & Dee Kern, PA Farm Show Coordinators

Unfinished  Business
      PSRDF New Dancer, Promotional, New Caller Programs and  Keystone Award                        Barrett and Donna Earnest 
A vote was needed to continue to fund these programs for the upcoming year.  It is difficult to give an exact cost of these programs since clubs request varying amounts and callers requesting assistance vary from year to year.  A motion was made by Larry Gorski and seconded then approved by all in attendance.
                      Report for PSRDF Meeting April 7, 2013

As the newly appointed Chairman for the Square Dance Specialty License Plate Program, I would like to briefly cover some points I feel you should become familiar with.

The official organization license plate can be used on any motor vehicle with a gross weight of not more than 9000 lbs (motorcycles do not qualify for an organizational plate). A one-time $20.00 fee is required with the application. The normal registration fee will continue on the regular yearly basis. One of the rules of Penn DOT is that you must be a member of the sponsoring organization, which is the PSRDF and remain a member for as long as you retain your official square dance license plate. The dues are $1.00 per year per person.
How to Apply:

  1. Use the official Vanity Plate Registration form. (May print it from the website, click on Square Dance License Plate Program)
  2. Return registration form to me, along with the $20.00 check or money order payable to “Commonwealth of Pennsylvania”.

I do not have any record of the number of license plates dancers are using today; but this program is a nice way to publicize and promote square dancing.
I ask that you as B.O.D.s to join me in promoting the use of the Square Dance Program. Also, I hope that you will include covering this program at your next regional meeting.

It is planned that I will have a spot at the Showcase of Ideas area to display this license program during our state convention, held at the Radisson Hotel & Conference Center in August of this year.

Respectfully submitted.
Mike Matsko, Chairman, Square Dance License Plate Committee
An addition note was made that the license plate you are replacing then needs returned to Harrisburg.        
New Business
Report for April 7, 2013


The Committee meeting of the 2013 Convention was held at the Radisson Hotel in Camp Hill, PA on March 3 at 1 p.m.  The Committee Chairs were well represented as well as a number of Directors.  Most Committee Chairperson gave a report and a discussion followed each report looking for suggestions and ideas to make the even a success.  Participation was very good and each committee is doing a stellar job.

The primary problem that needs to be addressed was flooring.  (It appears that all dancing Venues have converted to carpet flooring in rooms designated for dancing.)  Carter Ackerman felt that many Round dancers might not come if they had to dance on carpet.  The issue has been addressed at many dancing weekends or Festivals, but we are left with the question, “What will the State do to support flooring for the future conventions?”  The problem will not go away.  It is a major issue.  Many dance programs are announcing on their registration form that flooring is provided.

 All other issues of concern appeared to be addressed and the Committee is in full marketing mode.  We attended and promoted the convention at most, if not all major tri-state dances, and contact made to clubs in PA and joining states of New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, Ohio and New York.

The Registration is currently 176 including Callers, Cuers, spouses, Committees and Directors.  The cost changes to $35 per person on May 20th.  We hope to surpass our goal by May 20th, and will attempt to grow the numbers in the remaining months.

Please encourage your club members to come to the Convention as well as taking some of the tours.  Dusty Miller has lined up three tours: Hershey Museum, The Capital City, and an Audio Battlefield Tour (on your own).  Take flyers and tour handouts back to your club and pass those out.  Dancers may also go on the web and printout flyers.  For those registering early enough at the Hotel, they may request a sleep number bed if that is their preference.

The minutes from the March meeting are available for anyone who would like a copy.  Contact committee secretary, Norm Diefenderfer



Tom & Dee Kern
General Chairman
20th PSRDF Convention
August 8, 9, 10, 11, 2013

Additional Items for Discussion:
                Flooring for the Round Dance Halls.  We discussed the type of flooring, costs for renting versus buying, storing the flooring etc.  You can buy 3000 square feet of plastic for $6400 new from the manufacturer.
                Needed from all clubs:  Auction baskets
                Needed Ads and Booster sheets by June 1, 2013
                BE sure to fill in the line on registration asking for the number of years, since there will be a special luncheon for those attending 15 or more conventions.
                The Thursday night dance with Gary Schoemake is free to those with convention ribbons.  Walk-ins will be charged.

Response to a letter-
                There was a letter send to Donna Earnest asking for a break down by activities within the convention for costs.  The individuals would like to only pay for the Saturday night dance ($10-$12) instead of paying for the entire convention.
                The convention is more than individual dance segments.  A convention includes workshops, educational seminars, tours and other events.  We need dancers to support the entire convention.  The use of the hotel ballroom facilities is expensive.  We pay for that in part by using hotel room nights.  We are looking at the bigger picture and invite dancers to partake in all parts of the convention.



We have selected all of the chairmen for our convention committee. Four of the 12 chairmen are first time convention participants. We are quite optimistic that these new individuals will provide some new vitality, ideas and positive input to our convention program.
Our dance program has been reviewed with the Convention Advisory Board for their consent and advice. With their acceptance, we plan to hire one or two National Callers that will be featured for the Saturday night dance period. We intend to seek the most notable callers that are available. We are hopeful that hiring National Callers, as a trial basis to the square dance program, will in fact, draw a greater percentage of our state federated dancers.
Plans are to offer the diversity of dance programming traditionally provided for square and round dancing. We intend to include, based on demand, contra, line, youth and handicapable dance time frames. And for those who are competitive, a competition dance event will be arranged.
We are requesting that the Board of Directors approve $ 1000.00 in seed money for initial convention purchases and expenses.
Secondly, we are asking the Board of Directors to review for approval of Dave & Annie Taylor, our choice for Assistant General Chairmen. {See attached resume’}. This couple is seasoned dancers that have traveled extensively to numerous dance events. They travel over 50 miles to join the nearest club to dance. They have a positive and an enthusiastic outlook on promoting square dancing activities. Although their involvement in leadership is limited, within the square dance organization, we do believe their employment background reflects they have held leadership positions and performed quite successfully. As General Chairmen, we are committed to provide them the mentoring and guidance necessary to become knowledgeable and capable convention General Chairmen.
Respectfully submitted.
Mike & Pat Matsko, General Chairmen

As a follow-up:
                A motion was made to provide the $1,000 seed money needed for the 21st convention by Tom Kern and 2nd by Ruth Buehler.  All voted in favor of this.
                After the resume for David and Ann Taylor were read, a motion was made to accept David and Ann Taylor as assistant general chairs by Ed Diefenderfer and seconded by Ruth Stiles.  It was accepted by a majority vote.


Donna read a letter from a woman in Volant (near Grove City) interested in donating her square wear.  Contact Donna Earnest for more details.

Nominations and Elections
Bill Flick, acting as parliamentarian handled the nominations and election of officers.
                A nomination was made for lst VP Bill Flick to become president.  No other nominations from the floor.  A motion was made by Bill Buehler to close nominations and seconded by Bill Flick.A nomination was made for 2nd VP’s Margi and Larry Gorski to become 1st VP’s.  No other nominations from the floor.  A motion was made to close nominations by Bill Buehler and 2nd by Bill Flick.A nomination was made for 2nd VP’s to be Tony and Diana Rock by Tom Kern and seconded by Ruth Buehler.  No other nominations from the floor.  Tony and Diana’s resume was shared..   A motion was made to close nominations by Ed Diefenderfer and 2nd by Bill Buehler.  A nomination was made for secretary to be Bill Buehler by Tom Kern and seconded by Diana Hershberger.   No other nominations from the floor. A motion was made to close nominations by Larry Gorski and 2nd by Jane Styer   A vote was taken to close nominations by Ed Diefenderfer and 2nd by Bill Buehler
                A nomination was made for Naomi Fisher to be treasurer with a resume read.  A second nomination for treasurer was made for Diana and Truman Hersherger.  Resumes of these folks were read.  There were no other nominations from the floor. A motion was made to close nominations by Bill Buehler and 2nd by Bill Flick.  A vote by secret ballot was taken for the position of treasurer.

                The new PSRDF officers for 2013-2014 are:
                                President:  Bill Flick
                                1st Vice-President:  Margi and Larry Gorski
                                2nd Vice-President:  Diana and Tony Rock
                                Secretary:  Bill Buehler
                                Treasurer:  Diana and Truman Hershberger
Pictures were taken and should soon be available on the website.  Congratulations to all.

 Any other new business?
                Tom Kern thanked Donna and Barrett Earnest for their work as Presidents.  This prompted a round of applause shared by the attendees.
Announcements:    Next Meeting of PSRDF:  Sunday, October 6th at 1:00 pm, in State College.
Next convention meeting in June at the Camp Hill Radisson.
Adjournment:  The meeting was adjourned at 3:52 p.m. with a motion by Diana Hershberger, and 2nd by Barrett Earnest.  Secretarial materials were given to Bill Buehler and the Presidents’ materials and historical documents were given to Bill Flick.


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