1:00 pm, Sunday, October 7, 2012, Radisson Hotel
Camp Hill, PA

The PSRDF met at 1 p.m. at the Radisson hotel in the Camp Hill.   5 Federations/Associations were represented: Allegany Valley, Delaware Valley, Laurel Mountain, Susquehanna Valley, and Western Pa.   There were a total of 39 folks in attendance.

Call to Order: Barrett and Donna Earnest, Presidents, called the semi-annual meeting to order at 1:00.  Larry Gorski opened with the special square dancing invocation and Bill Flick led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Secretary’s Report: Copies of the April 15, 2012  meeting were previously sent to all attendees of the meeting by Barbara MacDonald.  There were no additions or corrections from the membership and the minutes were accepted as sent. Motion made by Larry Gorski and Seconded by Bill Buehler.  Minutes were approved.

      Treasurer's Report                      Chi Chi Hoffner

Pennsylvania Square & Round Dance Federation






Treasurers Report for 3/1/12 to 8/31/12







Opening Balance













Balance as of 8/31/12























































New Dancer Program















Promotional Fund
























Certificates of Deposit:





3/01/12 Balance




CD #1





CD #2





CD #3

























These questions were asked regarding the treasurer’s report.
1.  How does the state membership compare for 2012 to 2011? 2012 has 1578, he received incomplete records from 2011.
2.  What is the $30 convention cost listed under expenses? This was for 3- $10 for the drawing of registered folks at the convention.   Since none was a member of the federation, each received only $10. It is listed as door prizes.
3.  Was the $100 fee paid to USDA?  Yes, this was paid in September while the report only covers until the end of August.

President's Report - Barrett and Donna Earnest
Our last meeting was held on Sunday April 15th and what a six months it has been since then.  Along with many other committee members we were busy working on convention arrangements and programs and events.  We thank Tony and Diana Rock for a successful convention!  
As convention tour directors, we were delighted with the interest in tours.  We had to change bus companies, had to change tour guides and had to get larges buses, then there were the cancellations and people who waited till the last minute, but wanted to go on a tour!  But on the day of the tour we were able to accommodate every body and tour members truly enjoyed the Consol Energy Centers where the Pittsburgh Penguins play and Heinz Field where the Steelers play.  The other tour group enjoyed the beauty of Pittsburgh.
As part of the publicity role for the 2012 convention, Donna did a ½ hour interview on a Pittsburgh radio station (Y108 WDSY).  Once she made sure she didn’t say ‘oh’’, the interview went well and was fun.
We attended the Presidents Ball in York , PA in April and  next weekend (October 13-14), we will be attending a dance in State College.
Many clubs have started lessons and we sincerely hope the new people will continue to attend and enjoy this activity as much as we do.
We certainly need the support and help of everybody to make the 2013 convention a successful one.  We will be discussing the 2013 convention later in the meeting. Thank you for volunteering your time and efforts towards square and round dancing.
Webmaster's Report - Donna Earnest
We are announcing a new Webmaster.  Eric Anderson is being replaced by Ken Adams.  Ken and Patty are long time dancers and members of North Hills Squares in the North Hills of Pittsburgh.  John Simchick has volunteered to help Ken with this transition.  An extensive description of Ken’s’ qualifications was read.
Ken’s Contact Information:
Ken and Patty Adams
2319 Wyland Avenue
Allison Park, PA 15101

Please allow Ken a month or so to ease into this new role.  (Part of this time he will be traveling)

Membership Lists:
Joe Nardi has volunteered to assist Ken with the membership lists as they come and the beginning of the year.  We hope that each federation/association will have their membership dues collected and the membership list completed by December 31st.  Please alter your time schedules as needed to accomplish this task.   The check for one dollar per person written to PSRDF should then be mailed to Christopher Hoffner, and marked in the memo line as dues.  The list of members identifying new/not returning members should be sent to Ken Adams.  He will be making the additions/changes to the state list.
Dues are sent to:
Christopher Hoffner
3 Allegheny Center, Apt. #110
Pittsburgh, PA  15212

Bill Buehler indicated that local association/federations should use the lists submitted last year to start this process.

A question was raised about people in multiple clubs.  They only pay state dues once and you should ask them which club they are paying dues through.


Association/Federation Reports

Allegany Valley S &RD Federation
Report Oct. 7, 2012

Castle Paws and Taws had no new dancer at their first Fun Night. They have several demos set up in hopes of getting some new people.

Circle Eights are planning several Fun Nights and are dancing 1 or 2 sets at their dances.

Fiddle A-Rounds continues to meet two times a year with a picnic in the summer and   Christmas Dinner Dance at Foxburg in December.

Shenango Valley Sashayers average five squares and seem to be going strong. They will hold a New Year’s Eve Dance at the First United Methodist Church in Greenville, PA.

Presque Isle Dancers will be disbanding at the end of the year. They will have two dances in Oct. and a Christmas Dinner Dance on Dec. 11, 2012. Any monies that are left in the treasury at that time will be donated to the John Kanzius Cancer research Fund. That leaves the Erie Area with no organized club.

Lou Stiles


Central Pennsylvania Square and Round Dance Association Minutes

  1. The association held its Heart Dance at Divine Providence Hospital in April.   A check for $501 was presented to the Heart Division of the Hospital at this dance.  Pictures were taken by the hospital and an article was printed in the Hospital’s quarterly magazine.  The Cancer Dance is scheduled for October 28 and we have invited the hospital personnel to join us in an effort to raise more money.  This is also an effort to create more interest in dancing within our area.
  2. Our association had a booth at the National Square Dance Convention Showcase of Ideas.   Also three couples from our association participated in the fashion show at the National Convention.
  3. Our association will be dancing at many fall festivals.  This brings in some funds for the clubs and also acts as advertisements to get new dancers.  Some of the festivals are: Covered Bridge Festival, Milton Heritage Festival, Berwick Riverfront Festival and Heller Orchard Festival.
  4. The Country Twirlers are sponsoring a double dance on October 14th.  This is an dance in the afternoon from 2-5 P.M., a buffet from 5-6 p.m. and then dancing from 6-8 p.m.. This dance will take place in the gymnasium at the Selinsgrove Center.   The afternoon dance features the Williamsons as caller and cuer.  The evening session will feature Oliver Kyuester the top caller in Germany.
  5. A trip to England and Wales is being planning for July/August 2013.  There will be three opportunities to square dance during the trip.  A meeting with the tour company to outline the trip and answer questions is schedule for November 8th. Interested persons should contact either Ed Styring (570-437-9068) or Glenn Stuck (570-374-2722).
  6. Five of the six clubs have been holding fun nights in an effort to get new dancers.
  1. The association has made application for three squares at the forthcoming farm show.   We will also be working with Messiah College, which is planning to make application for two squares.


  1. On October 23rd a dance will be held in Washingtonville Fire (near I-80 and I-180) from 6:30-9:30 featuring the new young caller Hunter Keller.  This will be his first trip east of the Mississippi to call.

Submitted by Ed and Christine Styring

Federation of Delaware Valley Square and Round Dancers

October 7, 2012 Report:

Work is winding up on the restructuring, which was necessitated by the loss of numerous clubs and the inability of the Districts to recruit officers.

At the present time there are 21 clubs in the Delaware Valley representing 575 dancers.

Pen-Del District continues holding their annual Dance to See; and Mid-East Penn District will be holding its annual Membership Dance on the first Sunday of November, followed by its annual Grads Dance on the first Sunday of May.
Mid-East Penn held three dances this past summer for all dancers (concentrating on giving class graduates more experience) and is considering increasing the number of these for next summer.


Respectfully submitted,
Jane M. Styer, Cert. Professional Legal Secretary
Federation President


Laurel Mountain Federation

Their annual dance called by federation callers will be held the first Sunday in November.  There will be no dinner this year.  They dance from 1-5 at Salix.
November 18th they will meet to elect officers and plan the next federation dance.

Reported by Justina Hall


ASSOCIATION REPORT – October 7, 2012
 Donna again thanked Tom and Dee Kern for their wonderful hospitality at the Annual President’s Ball in April.     

Dancing continues daily in the Susquehanna Valley.  The 44th Annual Presidents Ball was held on April 29th at the Valencia Ballroom in York, PA hosted by Prettyboy Swingers.  Dancing was from 2 – 5 p.m. with dinner following.   (The Theme at the Ball is thanking all of the Club Officers for the enormous effort put forth during the year.)  The response was great; we had approximately 250 dancers total.  Fun dancing was had in the plus hall, and 4 to 5 squares of “New Dancers” along with angels were enjoying Mainstream.  Howard Williamson was the Caller, Linda Prosser, the Cuer, and Bob Engel calling for the “New Dancers”.   The President’s Ball had the honor of hosting the President of the PA Federation, Donna & Barrett Earnest, and Pat & Mike Matsko, Vice President of the Eastern Division of USDA.  Ken & Carol Graham were also in attendance.  Following the dinner, Susquehanna Valley held their business meeting where Donna shared PA Federation news and Mike spoke on programs of the USDA.   Susquehanna Valley was privileged to add a new club, Panhandlers, from Martinsburg, West VA to our Association

A report of the Visitation program was another highlight of the meeting with nine clubs participating in the program, making 55 visits.  Five clubs made all visits to participating clubs and Prettyboy Swingers made three extra visits.  Swing Thrus won the traveling plaque, having a total of 164 dancers making visitations.

We continue to sponsor “New Dancer” Programs during the summer to keep them on board.   Three callers and a cuer donate their time for the afternoon at each of these dances.

SVSRDA publishes an annual Calendar of Events containing all of the dances for the 2012-2013 season, along with the where, when, time, and including who the Callers and Cuers are.

Remember, throughout Susquehanna Valley, somewhere there is a square dance everyday/night of the week.


Tom & Dee Kern
SVSRDA President

Western Pennsylvania Square and Round Dance Federation
By Barbara MacDonald for October 7, 2012

On April 22, the sophomore dance as held sponsored by Mountainview Squares and called by Norm Shaffor and Brad Deibert at the Faith Methodist Church in Delmont.  Attendance included 10 new dancers and 77 dancers.   A profit was made.

We are anticipating the Fall Festival on October 20, 2012 hosted by TeaCups at Mt. Nazareth (285 Bellevue Rd., Pittsburgh 15229) called by Tom Rudebock and with cueing by Bob Heath.  We will have a DBD workshop from 3-5 with early rounds from 7:00-7:30 and dance from 7:30-10:00.  All area clubs are asked to supply finger foods and free passes.

We have begun lessons for new students at a variety of clubs this past month and are anticipating finding out the number of students in the month ahead.

The Pittsburgh Area Callers and Cuers Association is planning a Round Dance Day featuring Carter Ackerman for November 3.  We are looking ahead to possible Blast classes in November and December, a mainstream dance day with Tom Miller in January 2013 and a spring fling in May 2013 featuring association callers.

WPSRDF is planning to man the Farm Show booth on Monday January 7th and hoping to get a square of dancers for that date.

WPSRDF contributed to the 19th state convention in many ways.  18 of the 34 callers were from our local area as well as 4 of the 12 cuers.   Many of the committee chairs were part of WPSRDF.

On November 10 at 11 a.m., we will showcase square dancing at the American Diabetes Fair at the Convention Center in Pittsburgh.  Brad Deibert will be calling as we invite audience participation.


Special Reports

USDA - Mike and Pat Matsko

Since Mike and Pat are in their 3rd year  as USDA representatives, they are looking for people to take over this role.  In this role they get to tour the country and observe clubs and peoples.  Most areas that are doing well, include people who work well together.
Nationwide square dancing is having a declining membership.  Our hope is the youth who may rejoin later in life, so be sure to include the youth as potential sources of membership.
The USDA has been approved for a 501 3C status, which they would like to now open to its affiliates.  If PSRSDF approves, they would get a packet of materials to apply for applications.
Advantages include:
Exempt from federal tax, exempt for other taxes (possibly state sales tax), able to receive monies from private grants, able to receive tax deduction gifts, able to offer a tax deduction to folks making   charitable gifts, lower bulk rates postage available, can lobby, chairs may deduct out of pocket expenses for travel to meeting, and then PSRDF is able to make public service announcements on radio and television.
If PSRDF approves, then by a trickle down effect, the local federation/association will be included.   USDA must decide based on the application to allow an affilitate.  There will some type of monitoring for compliance.
The cost is somewhere between $50-$100 for an affiliate with an annual fee   between $20-$60.  PSRDF would pay these fees, but the local federation/association would also benefit.
Ruth Buehler made a motion to proceed with the paperwork to have PSRDF apply for this 501 3C.   Tom Kern seconded it.  It was approved by all voting members.

Farm Show Exhibit/Report - Tom and Dee Kern

Tom shared the current schedule for manning the Farm Show booth from Saturday January 5th thru Saturday January 12 th.   Many clubs/federations did volunteer to cover an entire day.  Thanks to them.  There are still opening on Sunday between 1 p.m. and 8 p.m. as well as Thursday January 10th between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. and Saturday January 12th between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m.  Can you volunteer a few hours?
He plans to have general square dancing promotion information and will also offer any club that wishes to offer two free dances to potential new dancers after the Farm Show a place on the advertisement ticket.  
Contact Tom Kern to assist it either way-717-880-4261 or

Unfinished Business (previously called Old Business)

Promotional and Keystone Awards by Donna and Barrett Earnest-
In 2012, clubs were awarded monies for the new dancer promotion for a total of $1200.00
No callers received monies for caller school.
Promotional monies for advertising to clubs were awarded to the total of  $93.43.

Three Keystone Awards were given at the Convention to:  Carter and Ruby Ackerman, Tom Mohney, and Joe Nardi and Helen Namark.  Congratulations to these award winners.
The deadline for nominations is March 15, 2013 for the 2013 convention awardees.
Doug Wert from Flirts and Skirts was celebrating his 75th birthday at this meeting.


General Chairmen Final Report
19th PA Square and Round Dance Convention – 2012

We had a lot of fun planning and overseeing the convention and want to thank the following people for working so hard and making it a great experience. 
       A fantastic committee
       Dedicated callers and cuers
       Volunteers who worked the various areas such as greeters & ticket sales
       All of those who donated beautiful baskets
       All of the registered dancers

Business Manager:
Total income: $17,284.64
Total expenses: $14,003.51
Balance left for distribution to the PA Federation:  $3,281.13 (this figure includes $1,000 seed money) the account will be closed once all checks have cleared.

Registration and Housing:
We had 393 registered dancers for the 19th Convention.  This was down by 65 from last year. The net receipts from Registration are $7,838.  31% of our total registrations were received at the 2011 Convention because of a registration discount offer.   This provided revenue early in the year.  13 Complimentary Registration forms were turned in.  Approximately 70% of individuals submitting these forms were from locations outside of the Western PA region.  The breakdown for the states other than PA represented in preregistration is:  MD – 3, NJ – 7, NY – 11, OH – 25, VA – 3, WV – 3, WASCA – 6.   It is interesting to note that even though our overall registration numbers were down, we had a significant increase in new registrants who had never attended a PA Convention.  One of the promotional opportunities of the Registration and General Chairmen was to offer an ice cream social to the PA Federation/Association that had the highest % increase in total number of registrations over last year.  The winning Federation/Association was Central.

Service Report:
Overall the convention went very well.   There were minimal problems with the hotel because of the Services Chairmen being proactive in early on addressing the concerns experienced with the hotel in the prior year.  Their communications were also on going with the venders, sound, and flooring which also kept the convention operating smoothly.  One of the problems experienced was with the badge vender, Hoy’s from Export PA.   He had never done a square dance convention before and didn’t have available some of the badges dancers were requesting.

Square Dance Program:
A total of 32 callers were present which included 2 from OH, 2 from NJ, and 1 from NY.  In addition to the customary dance program we offered 2 dangle dances, a community dance, a singing call hour, a handicapable hour, a competition dance, and several tips with multiple callers that people enjoyed.

Round Dance Program:
A total of 11 round dance leaders participated in the 19th Convention.  In addition to the traditional round dance program, teaches were offered covering phases 2-5 as well as the seminar “Applying Your Round Dance Knowledge to Free-Style Ballroom Dancing”.  

Program Book:
Total ad income:  $1,220                  Total boosters: 336 - with a total income of $488
Total Expenses:  $389.20                  Profit from the Program Book:  $1,318.80
All Federations/Associations except Susquehanna had boosters.

Social and Special Services:
Once again we want to thank all of the Federations/Associations, clubs and individuals who donated 27 beautiful baskets.   We noticed it was previously suggested to hold the drawing for the baskets early so we did that and it was well received and easier for those staffing that area.
Friday Share of the Wealth: $147.00
Saturday Share of the Wealth:  $189.00
Chinese Auction:  $881.00
Dangle Dances:  $90.00
Grand Total: $1,307.00

All Federations/Associations except Susquehanna had Show Case of Ideas tables. A new seminar, “Applying Your Round Dance Knowledge to Free-Style Ballroom Dancing”, was very well attended and thoroughly enjoyed by the dancers in attendance.   Other seminars included: Health Seminar, Sewing Seminar, Tom Miller/Corben Geis presenting “Help”, and Ed Foote’s “How to Not Break Down While Dancing”.

Tours and Publicity:
Prior to the convention we had difficulty with the bus company.  Due to the great interest in the tours we used this opportunity to upgrade to 56 passenger buses.  Both the Church Tour and the Sports Tour were filled to capacity.  The 19th Convention was advertised on two local radio stations, in online bulletin boards, and in several local publications.

First Aid:
Although there was one fall on a wooden floor, no dancers were sent to the hospital.  We believe the 48 shoe tapings eliminated some of the falls from the carpet.   During the health seminar we presented a new program on hydration. Overall it was a very successful year for safety.

Suggestions for future conventions:
Since complimentary registrations are an expense in the form of a lack of income,
we recommend that they be used mostly at dances outside of the local area for where the convention is being held.
                Who provides computer adapters be added to either the sound contract or the
caller/cuer letters.
                The clothing vendor,” Sandy’s Square Wear”, be approached about returning for
future conventions.
Since we have had so much difficulty with badge vendors over the past two years,     it may be a good time to consider bringing back Suzy Q next year.
Have the callers/cuers announce the selling of tickets for the Share of the  Wealth and the Chinese Auction.
                                Carter will need a larger room for the seminar, “Applying Your Round Dance
Knowledge to Freestyle Ballroom Dancing”
                Regarding tours, charge a $5.00 fee for any cancellations prior to July 1st and after July 1st no money is to be refunded – similar to how registration is handled.
                Place a reminder in the callers’ packets for next year to go over the EMS procedures.
Respectfully submitted by Tony & Diana Rock
19th PSRDF Square and Round Dance Convention
General Chairmen
New Business:
 Nomination for Assistance Chairs
A nomination was made for Mike and Pat Matsko for being the Assistants chairs for 2013 convention.  Donna Earnest read an extensive list of qualifications citing  their involvement in local, state and national leadership positions including being on committee for 10 conventions.   They were overwhelmingly approved.

OCTOBER 7, 2012      by Carter Ackerman      

At the request of the PSRDF Convention Advisory Board, letters were sent out to 57 callers and 30 cuers on September 28, 2012.  The letters were sent to all known PA callers and cuers as well as out-of-state callers and cuers who have participated in past PA Conventions.  72 were sent by email and 15 by US mail.
 The letter, written by the Convention Advisory Board, addressed an issue in the programming for the upcoming 20th Convention.  Callers and cuers were invited to respond to members of the Convention Advisory Board.
               Attached is a copy of the letter and a copy of the cover letter written by me as chairman of the Caller-Cuer Liaison Committee.

Carter Ackerman
PSRDF Caller-Cuer Liaison Committee

September 14, 2012
Dear Callers and Cuers,
As you may know, 2013 will represent the 20th annual Pennsylvania Square and Round Dance Convention. The program has been developed in hopes of enhancing both the dancers’ and callers’ schedules. Since attendance has steadily decreased over the years, the 20th convention committee looked for ways to increase convention participation as well as providing a special celebration for the 20 th anniversary. Therefore during the 8:00 to 10:30 time spot on Saturday evening, their plan is to have one plus hall featuring Tom Miller and Bill Harrison with no round dancing. The mainstream, advanced, and round dance halls will continue with their normal programming during this event. Our traditional format with callers and cuers from around the state will be in place for Friday afternoon and evening, during the day on Saturday, and in most other halls on Saturday evening. There will continue to be a separate trail in dance on Thursday evening and a trail out dance on Sunday morning . The change in the Program on Saturday night might allow you and your partner to relax and dance instead of calling/cueing.
This decision was made by the 20th convention committee on their own - without consulting the Convention Advisory Board or the PSRDF Board of Directors. Neither board was aware of this drastic change until the 20th Convention registration forms were distributed at the 19 th convention. So far the Convention Advisory Board has had numerous conversations with many of you as well as two telephone conference calls and three round table meetings to attempt to resolve the tension caused by this change. We realize that it would have been better for the callers to have heard about this special edition prior to seeing it on the flier. Hopefully this surprise did not lead you to feel undervalued. Although our goal is also to enhance the convention experience for callers, cuers, and dancers we were not supportive of this action of the 20th committee. However since everything has already been put in place, it would be impossible to reverse the plans and continue to have our 20th annual convention. We, the members of the PSRDF Convention Advisory Board, want to extend our sincere apology to you, the many callers and cuers who have for so many years given of your time and energy to consistently support the PSRDF Convention. We hope you will accept this apology with the understanding that we did not make this decision nor were we aware of it. In addition we are not presently in a position to reverse it.
If you have any questions or thoughts to share concerning this matter, we are listing each advisory board member’s contact information at the bottom of this letter and welcome any input that you may offer. We thank you for your understanding during this very difficult time, and are hopeful that you will participate with us in making this an enjoyable dance for all in spite of what has happened.  
We trust that you, the callers and cuers, will continue to show support for the 20th annual PSRDF Convention because we know our convention depends on your contributions. Please mark your calendars for August 8th – 11th, 2013 at the Radisson in Camp Hill, PA. We anticipate receiving your free registration as you complete your information to call and or cue. We also, like you, endeavor to promote square and round dancing for years to come and hope that you will continue to join us in future years as well.
PSRDF Convention Advisory Board
Tony & Diana Rock                           Mick & Susan Hopf                            Bob Vanetta
412-931-4793                                      412-716-4403                                      724-360-3310                   

Larry & Margie Gorski       Clyde & Judy Miles                             Barrett & Donna Earnest
412-487-4455                                      724-274-4962                                      724-468-8997

   20th State Convention           Tom and Dee Kern
On Sunday August 20th, the committee met as the 19th State Convention was drawing to a close.  At that meeting, the committee was introduced and updates on progress were given.  There were numerous questions on the development of this convention with its planning and schedule.  Since that time Tom shared that Tony Rock as tried to help resolve any issues.  
Discussion of Convention Issues:
A twenty-minute time frame was established to discuss questions and concerns for the upcoming convention.  There were some concerns about the guidelines having conflicting language.  The Convention Advisory Board (conference chairs from the last 5 conventions) have been meeting to work on updating the Convention Guidelines and try to resolve issues.
It was commented that the convention is run by dancers and for dancers.   The callers are invited to participate.  The previous letter was written to callers and cuers to have them continue to support the convention with their time and energies.
It was mentioned that some of the thinking behind changing the format to pay national caller’s for part of the convention is to follow what other states are doing to increase attendance. 
Caller’s who have volunteered their time in the past are concerned about this change of format, which was the reason for the letters to continue to show that we value their contribution to the Convention.
After the 20 minutes of dialogue, a motion was made by Larry Gorski to have a vote of confidence to give the 20th committee continue to move forward on this convention.  It was seconded by Christine Styring.   Almost all approved this motion.
A comment was made about the pricing.

Convention Registration forms, ad forms and booster sheets were provided for distribution to all federations/associations.  Please encourage your federations/association to support the convention.
Advisory Board Changes:  Bob Vanetta has resigned and will be replaced by Bill Flick until after the 2013 convention when Tom and Dee Kern will become part of the Convention Advisory Board.

Conference Guideline Revisions are almost ready and should be completed soon.  Thanks to the Convention Advisory Board for their work on this task.

Nominations for Officers:  The current offices expire in May.
In April all offices on the Board are open for nominations and elections.
Currently Bill Flick is first vice-president and he may continue as President
Currently Larry and Margi Gorski and 2nd vice-president and may move to first vice-president
Current secretary Barbara MacDonald has expressed an interest in Treasurer
Definite openings include 2nd vice-presidents and secretary.  Nomination can be given from the floor in April for all officers.  Please look around your federations/associations to determine who might serve us well in these leadership roles.  Interested parties should submit a resume to Donna Earnest.  Elections will be held at the next meeting.

Other announcements:
Mike Matsko reminded folks for the 64th National Convention in Springfield Mass for 2015. 
Dan Prosser announced that Susquehanna Valley would be picking up the bill for the trail-in dance at the convention on Thursday August 8th.  That means the dance is free.  Trail-in dance is Free.

Adjournment: A motion was made to adjourn the meeting by Clyde Miles and seconded by Tony Rock.  The meeting was adjourned at 3:55.   Thanks to all attending and drive home safely. 
                Next Meeting:  Sunday, April 7 (this is the week after Easter), 1:00 pm, at the Radisson Camp Hill, Camp Hill, PA in the Governor's "B" Conference Room.
Executive Committee Meeting to be held at 11:30 am in the Veranda Room.